Current offers from Nomad Internet (2024)

Nomad® Modems

Current offers from Nomad Internet (1)

The Nomad Omega

$399 Retail Membership

$99 Today's Membership Fee

Introducing the Nomad Omega Modem, your ultimate companion for seamless connectivity. Experience boundless freedom with nationwide 5G and 4G LTE coverage, perfect for busy professionals, avid gamers, or dedicated students. Boasting download speeds up to 100mb/s, swift self-installation, and dual-band Wi-Fi 6 supporting 15 devices, the Nomad Omega Modem transforms your home into a digital sanctuary for work, study, entertainment, and more. Elevate your online experience with Nomad Omega today.

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Nomad Air

$599 Retail Membership Fee
$249.95 Today's Membership Fee

Discover the Nomad Air Modem, your versatile gateway to limitless connectivity. Designed for both home and on-the-go use, it's perfect for digital nomads, families, or adventurous souls. Experience lightning-fast download speeds of up to 250mb/s, hassle-free self-installation, and dual-band Wi-Fi 6 supporting 30 devices. The Nomad Air Modem empowers you to work, study, game, or stream movies, whether at home, in the car, or on a scenic hike. Unleash your potential with Nomad Air.

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Current offers from Nomad Internet (3)

Nomad Ark

Introducing the Nomad Ark Modem, the epitome of outdoor connectivity for discerning homeowners. Experience unparalleled high-speed wireless internet with low latency, ensuring optimal performance wherever Nomad Internet's active coverage extends. Boasting an impressive 4.14 Gbps download and 660 Mbps upload, the Nomad Ark Modem redefines your outdoor digital experience. Equipped with dual SIM cards for enhanced flexibility, the Ark is the ultimate choice for homeowners seeking unparalleled outdoor connectivity. Embrace the future with Nomad Ark.

Nomad Plans

Current offers from Nomad Internet (4)

Nomad Residential Plan

$109 a month

Discover the Nomad Residential Plan, a versatile internet solution tailored for your home, covering work, study, gaming, and entertainment. Enjoy high-speed wireless data without restrictions, featuring download speeds up to 100 Mbps, and seamless 4G and 5G LTE connectivity. Effortlessly connect all your devices without credit checks or data limitations. Embrace the freedom of our plan, accessible wherever you dwell, and experience a worry-free 14-day trial. Welcome to your all-in-one home internet solution.

Nomad Air Travel Plan

$129 a month

Introducing the Nomad Travel Plan, your ultimate internet companion for life on the go. Experience high-speed wireless data tailored for travel use. Enjoy download speeds up to 100Mbps, seamless 4G and 5G LTE connectivity, and effortless connection of all your devices, without credit checks or data limits. Stay connected wherever your journey takes you, and enjoy a risk-free 14-day trial. Embrace the flexibility with the upcoming Pause Plan feature for true digital freedom.

Current offers from Nomad Internet (6)

Nomad Power Plan

$149 a month

Elevate your business with the Nomad Business Plan, offering seamless internet connectivity tailored for office use. Benefit from high-speed wireless data with download speeds up to 200Mbps. Stay connected with robust 4G and 5G LTE support and effortlessly link all your devices, without credit checks or data restrictions. The Nomad Business Plan empowers your enterprise, no matter where you operate, and comes with a worry-free 14-day trial to experience true digital excellence.

Nomad® Kits

Current offers from Nomad Internet (7)

Nomad Travel Bag

Introducing the Nomad Travel Bag, your passport to boundless connectivity on every adventure. Perfect for road trips, vacations, or wilderness expeditions, this innovative kit delivers high-speed Wi-Fi without wires, powered by a week-long backup battery and a fast-charging solar panel. Stay effortlessly connected off-grid, as the built-in solar panel harnesses sunlight to keep your Nomad Air battery charged. Compatible with the Nomad Internet Mobile App, the Nomad Travel Bag is the essential companion for explorers, researchers, and wanderlust seekers. Embark on a connected journey with Nomad.

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Current offers from Nomad Internet (8)

Nomad Savior

Embrace the Nomad Savior, your steadfast ally for off-grid escapades. This solar-powered battery system effortlessly charges essential devices, including smartphones and laptops, thanks to its high-capacity battery and 20W USB Type-C fast charge port. Adaptable and portable, the Nomad Savior caters to your unique needs, easily securing itself during wilderness hikes, mountain camping, or exploratory ventures. Built to withstand extreme weather and temperatures up to 140°F, the rugged, waterproof design ensures unwavering performance, no matter the adventure.

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Current offers from Nomad Internet (9)

Nomad Savior Extreme

Introducing the Nomad Savior Extreme, your unwavering power source for any off-grid adventure. Designed for diverse environments, from camping trips to oil fields, construction sites, or outdoor festivals, this robust device delivers uninterrupted energy through its standalone solar panel Li-Ion battery kit. Waterproof, rugged, and able to withstand temperatures up to 140°F, the Nomad Savior Extreme is your dependable partner in any setting. Ideal for home installation, country retreats, or campsites, trust in the unparalleled resilience of the Nomad Savior Extreme.

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Nomad® Accessories

Current offers from Nomad Internet (10)

Nomad Bag

Discover the Nomad Bag, your stylish and functional companion for staying connected on every escapade. This compact bag effortlessly houses your Nomad Air modem, battery with solar panel, and all necessary wires, ensuring seamless connectivity on the go. Ideal for adventurers and tech enthusiasts alike, the Nomad Bag offers durability, lightweight design, and exceptional value for money. Experience the convenience of carrying your modem and power bank with ease—choose the Nomad Bag for your next adventure.

Current offers from Nomad Internet (11)

Nomad Battery

Introducing the Nomad Battery, the eco-friendly power solution for the modern wanderer. Harness the sun's energy with this 60,000mAh solar-powered charger, compatible with a wide array of devices. Perfect for outdoor camping or home emergencies, the Nomad Battery keeps you connected anywhere. Boasting 32 LED bulbs, four output, and two input ports, this versatile charger ensures continuous device access. Embrace sustainable energy and unbridled freedom with the portable and reliable Nomad Battery.

Current offers from Nomad Internet (12)

Nomad Cables

Introducing Nomad Cables, the essential trio for powering your Nomad Air modem. The Power Switch offers precise control over your device's power, while the Power Adapter ensures a reliable connection for those constantly on the move. The Power Plug delivers swift charging, keeping you connected and ready for action. Designed to effortlessly link your Nomad Air modem to chargers, Nomad Cables provide a seamless solution for staying connected, wherever your journey takes you.

Current offers from Nomad Internet (13)

Nomad Club

Introducing the Nomad Club, an elite membership for those utilizing the exceptional services of Nomad Internet. Catering to travelers, freelancers, and business professionals alike, our club offers unparalleled benefits and exclusive offers. Members enjoy special discounts and access to a user-friendly online portal, where they can connect with like-minded individuals from around the world. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your Nomad Internet experience — join the Nomad Club today!

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

What is Nomad Internet?

Experience High-Speed Wireless Internet with Nomad

  • Leading Provider:America's Largest Wireless Internet Service.
  • Rural Connectivity:Specializing in High-Speed Internet for Rural Communities.
  • Traveler-Friendly:Seamless Internet Access for On-the-Road Travelers.
  • Low Start-Up Costs:Affordable Access to Quality Internet Service.
  • Rapid Connection Speeds:Experience Fast and Reliable Internet Anywhere.

How does Nomad Internet work?

Revolutionize Your Internet Connection

  • Wireless Connectivity:Direct to your home, business, or on-the-go
  • Advanced Technology:Utilizing the latest innovations for optimal speed.
  • Nationwide Network:Access high-speed internet even in rural areas other providers cannot reach.
  • Tailored Plans:Variety of options to suit every unique need.
  • Stay Connected Everywhere:Reliable service for both stationery and nomadic lifestyle

How does Nomad Internet compare to Starlink Roam?

Nomad Internet and Starlink Roam both provide internet access while on the road, but with distinct differences in pricing and hardware requirements. Nomad Internet offers this service with a minimal monthly fee ranging from $15-$25, in addition to the cost for the chosen internet speed plan. In contrast, Starlink Roam requires a larger initial investment, including a $2,500 dish and a $599 one-time fee for the standard Starlink dish. This makes Nomad Internet a more budget-friendly and flexible option for users needing internet access while traveling, compared to the substantial upfront cost of Starlink Roam.

Is Nomad Internet as Good as Satellite-Based Internet?

Advantages of Nomad Internet Over Traditional Satellite Services

  • Enhanced Mobility:Nomad offers seamless connectivity for on-the-go lifestyles, unlike stationary satellite dishes.
  • Faster Speeds:Experience higher speed internet with Nomad, often surpassing satellite internet's capabilities.
  • Lower Latency:Benefit from reduced lag and more responsive internet, a significant advantage over satellite connections.
  • No Cumbersome Dish:Avoid the need for a large, stationary satellite dish with Nomad's more compact and mobile setup.
  • Wider Coverage:Nomad provides consistent internet access in areas where satellite signals may be obstructed or unreliable.
  • Cost-Effective:Nomad often presents a more budget-friendly option, especially considering the high setup costs of satellite dishes.

High-Speed Internet with Nomad's Small Antennas vs. Large Dish Services

Understanding Nomad's High-Speed Internet Technology

  • Advanced Modem Technology:Nomad utilizes cutting-edge modems with powerful, compact antennas, optimized for high-speed data transmission.
  • Efficient Signal Processing:Our modems are designed to efficiently process signals, ensuring fast internet speeds even with smaller antennas.
  • Strategic Network Use:We leverage existing cellular networks, which allows for high-speed internet without the need for large satellite dishes.
  • Size vs. Performance:Comparable to the evolution from bulky 90s mobile phones to today's sleek smartphones, Nomad's innovative design maximizes performance in a compact form.
  • Versatility and Mobility:Unlike large dishes, our small antennas offer greater flexibility and mobility, suitable for both stationery and on-the-go use.
  • Broadband Technologies:We incorporate the latest in broadband technologies, making the most of available cellular networks for faster and more reliable internet.

What are the Contract Requirements for Nomad Internet?

No Contractual Obligations: Nomad Internet provides services without binding agreements, offering complete flexibility.

  • Flexible Subscription Plans:Choose a plan that aligns with your needs, with the liberty to modify, pause or cancel anytime.

Is Nomad Internet Secure?

Yes, Nomad Internet prioritizes security for its users.

  • Advanced Security Features:Nomad Internet offers multiple layers of encryption, enhanced Wi-Fi security, firewall filtering, built-in VPN support, and IT admin controls.
  • Peace of Mind:Enjoy strong security measures at every level of usage with Nomad Internet.

Can I Use Nomad Internet for Gaming and Streaming Across Multiple Devices?

Yes:Nomad Internet is well-equipped for both gaming and streaming needs, even in remote locations.

  • Fast and Reliable Connectivity:Nomad Internet ensures fast internet speeds with low ping rates and latency, ideal for gaming and streaming.
  • Multi-Device Support:Whether gaming solo or streaming content across multiple devices simultaneously, Nomad Internet offers robust performance for all your entertainment needs.

Can I Use Nomad Internet for RVing, Off-Trail Hiking, and More?

Yes: Nomad Internet users can bring the same high-speed, low-latency service they have at home to any location covered by Nomad Internet.

  • Flexible Connectivity on the Go:Nomad Internet for RVers and travelers offers the convenience of pausing and un-pausing service based on individual travel needs.
  • Ideal for Remote Adventures:Whether RVing, off-trail hiking, or exploring remote locations, Nomad Internet ensures reliable connectivity for work or leisure activities on the move.

More Answers

Nomad Internet reviews from our site

Current offers from Nomad

Current offers from Nomad Internet (14)

Emily Dean

Current offers from Nomad Internet (15)


March 22, 2023

I recently switched to Nomad Internet wi-fi provider, using their Modem Ark. I am absolutely thrilled with the decision! The transition was easy, and I can now enjoy high speed wi-fi in my rural area - something other providers could never provide to me. Additionally, their customer service is always prompt and helpful. If you’re looking for wi-fi coverage in a rural area or one without fiber or cable service, I highly recommend going with Nomad Internet. You definitely won’t regret it!

Current offers from Nomad

Current offers from Nomad Internet (16)

Ronald Shaw

Current offers from Nomad Internet (17)


March 22, 2023

I recently decided to switch to Nomad Internet for providing my family with reliable Internet in our rural home; and so far, it has been an absolutely splendid experience. From the phenomenal customer support team, to the lightning-fast speeds delivered via their Nomad Air Modem - I'm consistently impressed! This is easily one of best internet providers I've ever used, especially considering the availability of high-speed coverage in a rural home such as mine. Without a doubt, I'll continue using this service while recommending others to do the same.

Current offers from Nomad

Current offers from Nomad Internet (18)

Kenneth Ellis

Current offers from Nomad Internet (19)


March 22, 2023

As a rural homeowner, I was ecstatic to find Nomads Internet among broadband wireless internet providers. With the purchase of their newest modem, the Nomad Air, I was finally able to access high speed internet in my home - something that had been lacking before. It was easy to install, user friendly and customer service has been great! Even with the weak cell signal by our house, we still get great reception and broadband speeds much faster than we expected. I highly recommend Nomad Internet for rural broadband services!

You have questions?

You can visit the FAQ page or send your question to us by filling out this form. Our specialists will contact you shortly and answer all your questions.

Current offers from Nomad Internet (2024)


What cell provider does Nomad Internet use? ›

Nomad Internet provides wireless, high-speed internet to travelers and rural areas across the US using the 4G LTE and 5G cellular technology of the major carrier of Verizon.

Is Nomad data legit? ›

TechRadar Verdict. While some users report sporadic issues with speed and connectivity, we found Nomad to be one of the more reliable eSIM providers in the market. It offers coverage across 170+ countries, with the option to build your own custom plan by bundling together the regions you'll be traveling to.

How long does it take for Nomad Internet to deliver? ›

How fast does Nomad Internet ship? Once you sign up, it takes Nomad Internet three to five business days to process your order. Once you receive your devices, they claim to have you up and running within 24 to 48 hours.

Why is my Nomad Internet so slow? ›

Essentially, the signals become “noise” for our modem. If there is a high enough noise level, the modem will degrade in speed or disconnect completely. In RV parks, it is very common for other RVer's to use cell boosters to get their cell service working and this could affect your own internet experience.

Does Nomad Internet work everywhere? ›

Nationwide Coverage

Stay connected wherever you are. Our extensive nationwide coverage ensures reliable internet access across the country.

Can you stream with Nomad Internet? ›

Can I use Nomad Internet for gaming and streaming? Yes, indeed! Our service is robust enough to handle high-demand online activities such as HD streaming, online gaming, and more, even across multiple devices. Enjoy top-quality entertainment without interruptions.

Is Nomad a good company? ›

Nomad has an employee rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, based on 15 company reviews on Glassdoor which indicates that most employees have an excellent working experience there. The Nomad employee rating is 30% above average for employers within the Manufacturing industry (3.4 stars).

How fast is Nomad Internet? ›

The internet plans are actually unlimited—no throttling, no contracts. The base plan, Nomad Unlimited, provides 100 Mbps internet speed and costs $99.95. If you refer five friends to Nomad Internet's services, you'll get $10 off per friend for the first month, and they'll get a discount when you invite them as well.

Does Nomad Internet throttle? ›

Nomad Internet promises to deliver an unlimited 4G hotspot no throttling connection. You can rely on us for truly unlimited data, no throttling. Use the following strategies to fix a throttled Internet connection: Keep tabs of your monthly data usage.

Who is the owner of Nomad Internet? ›

Jaden Garza - Founder @ Nomad Internet - Crunchbase Person Profile.

How to cancel Nomad Internet? ›

Cancellation requests must be submitted by phone through our Customer Support Helpline at 385-257-2809. A Customer Service Agent will then assist in providing an RMA and information related to our cancellation policy.

What is the best internet provider for rural areas? ›

  • Best Rural Internet Providers of 2024.
  • T-Mobile Home Internet.
  • HughesNet.
  • AT&T Internet.
  • Kinetic.
  • Verizon 5G.
  • Summary: Best Rural Internet Providers.
  • Other Rural Internet Services.
May 15, 2024

Is Nomad reliable? ›

In essence, Trustpilot scores brands from 0 to 5, and Nomad has a score of 3.1. We've also included some Apple Store reviews from users who have used the app. The application is fine, but the connectivity and service in France was hopeless and the technical support was very limited.

How to boost Nomad Internet? ›

An omnidirectional antenna will allow you to connect the antenna to your device and get a better signal without aiming the antenna. This usually helps improve signal and is suitable for an RV or other moving vehicle. If you want to improve your signal strength, you want to focus on directional Yagi antennas.

Can nomad hotspot? ›

Nomad's travel eSIMs support hotspot and tethering, and you can share your data allowance with multiple devices, helping you stay connected on the move. Nomad's plans are also prepaid, and you will not need to worry about accidentally incurring additional data costs without your knowledge!

What companies use nomad? ›

Nomad is widely adopted and used in production by PagerDuty, Cloudflare, Roblox, Pandora, and more.

Who owns Nomad Internet? ›

Jaden Garza is the founder of Nomad Internet, and a small business success story in every sense of the word. His company got its start in 2017 and has experienced exponential growth in the past few years.

Is nomad an eSIM? ›

Experience local connectivity with Nomad's eSIM technology! Discover high-speed, flexible eSIM data & SMS without contracts. Forget traditional SIM cards – connect quick and easy with our eSIM in just 5 minutes! With Nomad, you can access eSIM services in over 165 countries and 8 regions.

What MVNO uses US Cellular? ›

U.S. Cellular joins T-Mobile and Sprint as underlying carriers for the Google MVNO project. Project Fi, first launched in April 2015, provides a hybrid WiFi-Cellular platform that utilizes the best signal possible at any given moment to complete calls and offer mobile broadband.

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